Working Visas South Africa

Working in South Africa is a rewarding experience, offering the chance to live in one of the country’s lively cities while experiencing a diverse culture and unique environment.

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Immigration to South Africa for employment requires a work permit. These are usually only issued when the relevant skills are not available in South Africa. If you do not qualify for a working visa for South Africa you may still have the opportunity to work in the country through a different South Africa visa option.

There are four different South Africa work visa options to choose from:

Quota work permit – work visa South Africa

Quota working visas for South Africa allow you to work in the country for an indefinite period.

To be eligible for this type of work visa in South Africa you must have skills and qualifications which are in shortage. You must also secure employment in your field within 90 days of arriving.

General work permit – working visas South Africa

General work permits allow you to remain in South Africa for the duration of an employment contract.

To be eligible for this type of working visa for South Africa you must have already secured employment, showing proof that the job was advertised and no suitable candidates could be found from within South Africa.

Exceptional skills work permit – South Africa work visa

Exceptional skills work permits allow to you to stay in the country on a 3-year South Africa work visa.

To be eligible for this type of working visa for South Africa you will need to submit a range of documents proving that you have special skills which are needed in South Africa.

Intra-company transfer – Working holiday visa South Africa

This type of South Africa working visa allows multi-national companies to transfer employees between branches. It is viewed as a type of working holiday visa for South Africa, as it is only valid for two years and cannot be renewed.

Unlike other working visas for South Africa, the intra-company transfer does not require the position to be offered to South African citizens first. Anyone can be transferred provided they have the company’s approval and agree to leave after two years.

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