Visa South Africa

Visas for South Africa offer a unique experience combining cultural diversity, lively capital cities and relaxed seaside towns. The country has many visa options available to anyone interested in travelling to South Africa and visas.

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If you wish to travel to South Africa visa options include work permits, business permits, permanent residence and a range of visas for different needs.

Work visas South Africa

An employment visa for South Africa is a work permit allowing foreigners with desirable skills to take jobs in the country which cannot be filled by locals.

Most types of work visa in South Africa require you to secure employment before (or soon after) arriving in the country. The duration of this type of South Africa working visa is open-ended, meaning the visa may last as long as the employment contract.

A three-year South Africa work visa is also available for exceptionally skilled migrants.

Other types of working visa for South Africa include intra company transfers and corporate permits (for corporations to employ groups of workers).

Business Permit – South Africa immigration visa

If you plan on making an investment in the South African economy that will create jobs, you may be eligible for a business visa to South Africa.

The duration of this type of South Africa Visa depends on the time frame agreed to in the visa application.

Visa requirements for South Africa Business Permits include proof that you have the funds and business plan to start a business.

Study and Exchange visa South Africa

You may apply to study in South Africa provided you meet all South Africa visa requirements.

Applicants must have been accepted by an educational institution before they apply for their South Africa immigration visa. Other eligibility requirements include sufficient funds and acquiring medical cover.

A student visa for South Africa allows you to remain in the country only for the duration of your course.

Other Visas – Visa information South Africa

There are numerous other South Africa visas to choose from, including visas for medical treatment, visas for working in the entertainment industry, visas for attending a conference, visas for compliance of treaty conditions, visas for crew (maritime), visas for cultural / economic / social exchange programmes, tourist visas South Africa, travel visas South Africa, transit visas (foreigners enroute to the neighbouring countries).

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