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US Visa

The large group of American visas referred to as non-immigrant visas includes short stay US visit visas, business visit visas, student visas and work permits along with a broad range of visa categories for specific groups of applicants. The US B2 visit visa, known as the visitor for pleasure visa is issued for a maximum of six months and is designed as a temporary US visa for those entering the country for the purposes of tourism, or visiting friends and family. Where applicants wish to visit the USA to engage in business-related activities a US B1 visa, or visitor for business visa will be granted which allows its holder to attend meetings and conferences, make preparations for opening a US branch of a business and to conduct ‘fact-finding missions’. However, it should be noted that neither B1 visas nor B2 visas permit their holders to work in the USA.

Work Visa USA

Those who wish to live and work in the USA may do so through one of the US work permit categories. In almost all cases, a work or business-based US immigration service will require the applicant to have a firm offer of employment from a US-based company. In the case of the H1-B visa, skilled applicants may immigrate to the USA for up to 6 years to occupy a particular position with their sponsoring employer. Positions requiring unskilled workers may also be filled by H2-B visa applicants although the maximum duration of this category is three years. The USA also offers the L1A visa and L1B visa which constitute Intra Company Transfers, allowing US firms to transfer key members of staff from their overseas operations.

Green Card

The US Green Card or Permanent Resident Card may be obtained through an employment-based route or via a family immigration service based upon a sponsoring US citizen or permanent resident. US Green Cards bestow permanent residency in the USA upon their holders and allow them to live and work in the USA without restriction, seeking and undertaking employment as they see fit. A US citizen or permanent resident may sponsor his or her spouse and or dependents to relocate to the USA on a US Green Card. Citizens may also sponsor a parent or sibling to the USA although this option is not open to permanent residents.

EB visas – Employment Based Green Cards

Employment based Green Cards for the USA are divided into five categories most of which require a candidate to be in possession of a full time job offer from a US employer. The EB-1 visa is designed for skilled migration and places emphasis upon a candidate demonstrating extraordinary ability in their field of expertise. The EB-2 visa is also aimed at skilled migrants while the EB-3 visa and EB-4 visa cover a wide range of potential candidates. The EB-5 visa is often known as the investor visa and allows a non-US national to immigrate to the USA based upon making a significant investment.

In all cases, applying for a US Green card is a lengthy process which may take several years to complete. As a result it is common for people to migrate to the USA on a temporary work permit visa, such as an H1-B or L1 visa in the first instance and to initiate their Green Card application once living and working in the USA.

Study in the USA

The USA offers three types of student visa, the F1 visa for academic studies, the M1 visa for vocational students and the J1 visa which, as part of the J visa group allows students to undergo practical training in the USA. In all cases US study visas are issued as non-immigrant visas and in most circumstances, a student visa holder will be required to return to his or her country of residence on or before the expiry of the student permit. However, candidates in possession of a US J1 visa may be able to switch into a work visa category if they successfully obtain a job offer and meet the relevant requirements.

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