South Africa Immigration

If you have decided to pursue permanent immigration to South Africa, congratulations on making a wonderful choice to move to a beautiful country with diverse culture, unique landscapes and vibrant cities.

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Global Visas can help you make the move with our South Africa immigration services. We make immigration to South Africa from Canada easy because we have offices in both countries, and a team of South Africa immigration lawyers at our disposal. Click on the link for a free assessment to find out if you meet all the immigration requirements for South Africa.

South Africa immigration rules require you to apply for permanent residency if you wish to remain in the country long-term. If you are interested in a temporary stay, click on our Visa South Africa section to read about the various short-term visa options.

Before you apply: South Africa immigration requirements

Immigration in South Africa is a two-stage process, starting with a submitting an application to the Minister of Home Affairs to prove you are desirable candidate for South Africa immigration.

To do this you must first prove you are not prohibited from entering the country under South Africa immigration laws. Reasons you might be prohibited include if you are carrying an infectious disease you have a criminal record in South Africa.

Only when the Minister of Home Affairs has deemed you suitable for a South Africa immigration visa can you begin your actual permanent residency application.

Applying for permanent residency: South Africa immigration visa information

There are two types of immigration permits in South Africa:

Direct residence permits apply to foreigners who have been living in South Africa for at least five years on a work permit. The permit allows permanent immigration in South Africa for you, your spouse and any dependent children.

Residency-on-other-grounds permits apply to foreigners who:

  • Require immigration to South Africa for a permanent work offer
  • Have exceptional skills and qualifications
  • Need immigration to South Africa to start a business
  • Are eligible for immigration in South Africa as a refugee
  • Are interested in immigration to South Africa for retirement
  • Are financially independent
  • Have relatives who are citizens or permanent residents of South Africa

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