South Africa Family Visas

The immediate family members of South African Citizens and South African permanent residents may immigrate to South Africa through two routes. The South African spouse visa, or life partner visa as it is also known, is available to the spouse, common-law or conjugal partner of a sponsoring citizen or permanent relative whilst other family members may immigrate through the South African Relatives Visa. In both cases, family visas may be issued as a temporary or permanent visa; in the case of spouse visas, this depends upon the longevity of the relationship at the time of application, while the relative’s visa depends upon the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor.

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Family Immigration – The South Africa Relatives Visa

The key benefit of both South African family immigration services is that unlike a business visa or work permit they do not require candidates to have either a job offer or the ability to invest. However, candidates must be sponsored by an existing South African citizen or permanent resident and they must have financial support.

A relative visa for South Africa is issued as a temporary visa where an applicant is related to the sponsor within the second degree of kinship, which includes grandparents, grandchildren, and siblings. Temporary relatives permits are issued for two years and require the sponsor to show that they can fund the applicant by providing at least 5000 Rand per month.

Where a relatives permit is issued as a visa for permanent residence in South Africa, sponsors may only support those applicants who are within the first degree of kinship, which includes just parents and dependent children. The permanent residence permit takes far longer to apply for than its temporary counterpart and as a result, a common route is to enter South Africa with a temporary visa whilst initiating the process for applying for permanent residency. However, applicants should note that successfully obtaining a temporary permit does not guarantee that they will secure a grant of permanent residency.

The South African Life Partner Visa

The life partner visa allows the spouse or partner of a South African citizen or permanent resident to relocate to South Africa on a permanent basis. Successful applicants may live and work in South Africa as they choose and will receive many of the same benefits enjoyed by South African citizens.

Relatives permits are based upon candidates being able to prove the authenticity of the relationship in question. Candidates applying for the relatives permit as married partners must demonstrate that their marriage has been in existence for at least 2 years prior to the application being submitted. This can normally be satisfied by the provision of the marriage certificate, where applicants are applying as unmarried life partners, it will be necessary to sign an affidavit confirming the exclusive and permanent nature of the relationship. It may also be necessary to provide evidence of mutual financial arrangements and cohabitation in the period prior to the application.

Where candidates apply for a life partner visa as a means to permanent residence, married couples must show that their marriage has been in existence for five years or more. Once again, this requirement can normally be satisfied by providing the marriage certificate. Unmarried couples will also need to show that their relationship has been in existence for at least five years. In both cases, a visa will initially be granted for a period of two years after which the parties involved must demonstrate that marriage or relationship is still in place. If at the time of reassessment, this is not the case, the life partner visa may still be revoked. However, where couples successfully progress to holding their visa for five years, this clause will no longer be in effect and after five years martial changes of circumstances or the dissolution of a relationship will not affect the applicant’s right to live in South Africa.

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