Reasons Why You Should Not Take a Plea Deal

October 18, 2019

Irrespective of the seriousness of the crime you have been accused of committing, there are certain instances when you just want to get rid of it. Therefore, you seek the idea of a plea deal even when your prosecuting Toronto criminal defense lawyer arranges the bait. Are you seriously looking for a conviction on your account?

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Here are some major reasons why you must not take a plea deal if your Toronto criminal defence lawyer does not approve of it.

Prosecution is fishing

The Toronto criminal defence lawyer such as David Genis is very well aware of the fact that prosecution is fishing. When the prosecution is not able to gather enough evidence against you to win the case, the lawyers go on a quest to find out that you take the bait. Any hesitation in consideration of the bait will be used as a means to prove you guilty. Any innocent individual wouldn’t consider being held guilty for the crime which he hasn’t committed. When you refuse to take the bait, the criminal lawyer will go on a quest to find out every bit of evidence to use against you. After all, you considered the plea, which implies that you might be guilty.

toronto criminal defence lawyer

The delay as compared to what you are facing currently

Some of the innocent individuals take the plea deal so that they can continue with their everyday life. The offer of probation in place of prison time allures them at the moment which compels them to take the plea deal. However, if your Toronto criminal defence lawyer advice you not to take it because they think that it is a great chance for you to prove your innocence, then you must not settle for the deal. The delay now compared to the rest of your life, which comprises of several severe consequences with a criminal verdict.

Let’s see the consequences

There are several consequences apart from jail time, which you must be aware of. Your honorable reputation gets indelibly torn-out and that might result in long-lasting and far-reaching consequences, which you haven’t thought of. From getting your dream job, getting approved for rental flat, or getting loan approval, some illegal infraction weighs more than you can ever imagine. And you will certainly not wish them to be a part of your record.

toronto criminal defence lawyer

Summing up, several people complain about the bad choices they made- they must have listened to their criminal lawyer Toronto. They wish they must have followed his advice and have not taken the plea deal offered by the prosecuting lawyer. The plea deal might sound alluring at that moment but the aftermath can be far-reaching and can pose a major threat to the rest of your life. If your criminal defense lawyer or attorney asks you not to accept the plea deal, you must listen to him and act accordingly. They seek your justice and if they think that they can win your case, then you must be inspired by their confidence.

Never admit to any criminal act, which you haven’t committed just to make things easy.

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