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Global Visas has been the largest immigration company in the world since 1996. Our worldwide immigration business continues to grow in popularity, and today our website is visited by four million people every year. The Norway visa is one of the many destinations handled by our consultants.

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Visa Norway

This site is a simplified rundown of the various categories of Norway visa. Find out about all the Norway visa requirements, such as work permits, study-based visas and family visas. There is a large variety of visas for Norway, so visit this page for a simplified guide. You can save time by taking the free assessment to find your ideal Norwegian visa.

Norway Immigration

Click on this page for information about immigration to Norway if you would like to permanently move to the country. Living in Norway permanently will require either a residence permit or citizenship. The experts at Global Visas can help you get your application started, so complete the online visa wizard to start applying for Norway immigration.

Norway Work Permit

A comprehensive guide to work in Norway, this page is for anyone interested in a Norway work permit. With so many different categories of work permit for Norway, expert advice is essential before you apply for working in Norway. Take the Global Visas free assessment to to start applying for work in Norway.

Norway Student Visa

Foreign students need a Norway visa if they want to study in Norway. Take advantage of our qualified visa advice on applying for a Norway student visa to find out if you qualify. Start your application today by clicking on the free visa assessment below and you will be studying in Norway before you know it.