New Zealand Visa

New Zealand is a consistently popular destination both for tourists and for those looking to start a new life overseas. Offering a temperate climate, spectacular and varied landscapes and a passionately sporting culture, New Zealand immigration has a lot to offer with some world class food and wine regions and scenery which is becoming increasing familiar to moviegoers.

New Zealand is comparable in size to the United Kingdom but with a population of around 4 million it is one of the least crowded countries in the world with a wealth of opportunities for skilled migrants.

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Business and Tourism – Short Stay Visas for New Zealand

New Zealand Tourist Visa

New Zealand offers two options to those visiting family and friends or those entering the country for the purposes of tourism. Visits of 3 months or less will require a New Zealand tourist visa; those visiting for longer will need to apply for a New Zealand visitor’s visa, a multiple entry permit which is valid for 18 months and allows a candidate to spend up to 9 months in New Zealand. All applicants must be able to demonstrate their ability to financially support themselves in New Zealand and must intend to depart from the country on or before the expiry of their visa.

New Zealand Business Visas

New Zealand business visas, often referred to as entrepreneur visas or innovator visas are designed to attract skilled migrants who can contribute to the economic development of New Zealand. Business visas require a candidate to start a business in New Zealand and assess applications on key factors including business experience, the ability to invest sufficient capital and the creation of jobs in New Zealand. Initially business visas are offered as a temporary immigration service with a duration of three years; however this New Zealand visa service is intended as a route to permanent residency and after the three year period, providing that the requirements of the visa continue to be met applicants may apply for permanent residency and ultimately New Zealand citizenship.

New Zealand Investor Visa

Immigrating to New Zealand is possible through investment and the New Zealand investor visa is available to those who can invest a minimum of NZ $2 million. However, the criteria for this visa service also require the candidate to have significant business experience and applicants must be able to show experience in either owning a 25% interest in a business for at least five years or alternatively, candidates may qualify by demonstrating significant and extensive experience at a senior management level.

Live and Work in New Zealand – New Zealand Work Permits and Skilled Migrant Visas

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

The points based New Zealand skilled migrant visa assesses candidates on their age, qualifications and employment experience and seeks to place skilled overseas candidates in specific roles identified by the New Zealand government. Candidates must reach a minimum points threshold to qualify and as well as the main areas of assessment they may be awarded extra points based upon their partner’s skills and experience and any family connections with New Zealand, and although it is not mandatory a job offer held by either the main applicant or his or her spouse will be worth extra points.

New Zealand Work Permits

Two categories of New Zealand work permit are available, the long-term Work to Residence visa (or WTR, providing a potential route to permanent residency in New Zealand) and the general work visa (does not provide a route to permanent residency in New Zealand). In the former category applicants must secure sponsorship from a New Zealand-based employer who is approved to offer sponsorship under this scheme. Applications must be for a position which features on the Long Term Skill Shortage List or alternatively a candidate may apply on the basis of exceptional talent in the arts or sport. WTR permits are issued for 30 months and allow the candidate to travel in and out of New Zealand as they choose. Beyond this initial duration a candidate may be eligible to apply for permanent residency in New Zealand.

Unlike a WTR permit, the general work permit for New Zealand does not lead to permanent residency. These work permits are granted for three years at a time and although the candidate does not have to be relocating to New Zealand to fulfil a position which features on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, all candidates will require a sponsor.

Study in New Zealand

In New Zealand, visas for study are issued for one year and are renewable as necessary, allowing the candidate to complete their course of study in New Zealand. Like a work permit, New Zealand study permits require a sponsoring organisation and candidates must have confirmation of an offer of full time study at a recognised educational institution in New Zealand. In some circumstances part time study may be acceptable and limited work in New Zealand may be permitted if  the duration of a course exceeds 12 months. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have arranged accommodation, that they are in good health and that they are capable of financially supporting themselves throughout their time in New Zealand.

New Zealand Family Immigration Services

The spouse, life partner or fiance of a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident may join their partner through the partnership visa which covers spouse immigration at well as that of common-law partners and fiancés. In all cases applicants must be able to show that their relationship or marriage has lasted for at least one year at the time of application, that they have been cohabiting in marriage or in a relationship akin to marriage for that time and that they intend to continue to do so once in New Zealand.

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