Ireland Immigration

Living and working in Ireland brings the benefits of a country with a proud history and strong cultural identity. The country also has excellent health and education systems, making Irish immigration an ideal choice.

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Irish Visit Visas

In Ireland, visas for tourism (known as Tourist Visas, Travel Visas or Visit Visas) are issued for up to 90 days. Designed for use by tourists, those on private visits and those entering the country to engage in limited business activities, these visas for Ireland offer a candidate the opportunity to stay in the county for up to three months. Although Irish visit visas are not extendable and do not lead to permanent residency, it may be possible for a candidate to obtain an Irish work permit if they successfully secure a job offer from an Irish company. However, in most cases the lengthy processing times for Irish work permits will mean that applicants will need to return to their home country before re-entering Ireland with a work permit visa.

Living and Working in Ireland

Irish Work Permits

Irish work permits are based upon a candidate having a guaranteed offer of employment from an Irish company. Work permits are issued for two years with the possibility of a three-year extension. Once a candidate has been able to live and work in Ireland for five years, they may apply for a grant of Irish citizenship through the process of Irish naturalization. Ireland also offers the Intra Company Transfer or ICT visa which allows an Irish company to transfer a specific employee from an overseas branch for training or to work in a particular role or project. Although ICTs can be a useful and comparatively quick means for Irish companies to obtain skills form overseas, those relocating to Ireland under an ICT will not be able to work towards Irish permanent residency or citizenship.

Irish Green Card

The Irish green card, unlike its American namesake is not in itself a grant of permanent residency. Irish green cards closely resemble work permits, however the job offer upon which a green card application is based must have considerably higher remuneration than that required when applying for an Irish work permit. The key advantage of a green card over a work permit is that permanent residency may be obtained after two years of living in Ireland rather than five.

Studying in Ireland

Irish study visas are most commonly issued as ā€˜Dā€™ visas which enable a candidate to embark upon a course of study which lasts beyond three months. For courses which last three months or less, a ā€˜Cā€™ visa will be issued. Long-term study visas for Ireland are issued according to the length of the course being undertaken and students may be permitted to undertake limited employment whilst in Ireland. Ireland also offers the Graduate Scheme, a six-month bridging provision which allows those graduating from Irish universities and other educational establishments to remain in Ireland for up to six months after graduation in order to secure employment and thus immigrate to Ireland permanently.

The key requirement of an Irish study visa is that the applicant must be in possession of a place on a course of study at a recognised Irish University, institute, or college. The offer must be for a course of full time study and the institution must be a recognised one.

Family Immigration

Applicants entering Ireland on a long term to permanent visa service such as an Irish work permit or Irish green card may include their spouse or partner and/or dependent children in their application. Dependents are granted leave to remain in Ireland for as long as the main applicant and will be permitted to work in Ireland, although they must obtain their own work authorization to do so. Irish citizenship is also available where a candidate is applying to relocate to Ireland based upon their marriage to an existing Irish citizen.

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