Denmark Immigration

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Danish Immigration

This guide contains all the facts you need for permanently moving to Denmark. There are quite a few different pathways to Denmark immigration, including employment, relatives and the Green Card. The Global Visas FREE assessment will aid you in identifying your ideal solution for immigration to Denmark.

Denmark Visa

Learn the best visa for non-permanent residence in Denmark using the Danish visa page. Denmark visa requirements can be complicated in some cases, so use the free assessment to determine your ideal pathway to work, education or residing in the country through a visa for Denmark.

Denmark Green Card

The Danish Green Card allows permanent residency, however approval is reliant on a complicated, points-based system. Points are awarded for several reasons – including training and work experience – so take the free assessment to determine if you have what it takes to apply for a Green Card for Denmark.

Work Permit Denmark

If you want to work in Denmark you have a number of visas to choose from. Research the many different types of Denmark work visa in our Danish Work Permit area. You can then research the best one for your requirements by taking the online assessment tool.

Denmark Student Visa

Study in Denmark by applying for a student visa for Denmark, allowing you to live, take up employment and undertake studies in the nation. Making an application is an extensive task with numerous rules and regulations, so take the Global Visas FREE assessment to have Global Visas do all the hard work on your behalf.