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Canada Visa

Short stay Canadian visas are issued for up to six months in the case of single entry permits and for an agreed period in the case of multiple entry permits (allowing a candidate to travel in and out of Canada a number of times within the visa’s duration). Short stay visas, or Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) are issued as strictly temporary permits and holders will be obliged to return to their country of residence. Working in Canada is not permitted on this type of visa service, however, a range of business activities are permissible, as is studying in Canada (so long as the course duration does not exceed that of the visa).

Canadian Work Permit

Canadian work permits allow employers in Canada to source personnel from overseas where an occupation is in shortage or where it can be shown that no existing Canadian citizen or permanent resident is available to do the job. Work permits for Canada are submitted by the employer on behalf of the candidate and – although they allow a candidate to live and work in Canada for a specific time – they are only valid for working with the sponsoring employer in the pre-arranged position.

Canadian Visas for Students

Studying in Canada is permitted for tourist visa holders; however, they are limited by the duration of their visa status, and as a result, it is not possible to study for more than 6 months without a Canadian study visa. Study visas are issued for the duration of the course, except in Quebec where they need to be renewed each year and are based on the applicant possessing an offer of a place on a course of study. Study visas are issued as a temporary immigration service; however candidates may perform limited on-campus work.

Canada Immigration

Canadian Business Visas and Highly Skilled Migration

The Federal skilled worker visa and its Quebec equivalent focus upon attracting the most highly skilled migrants to Canada, assessing candidates on a points-based system. Although the assessment criteria differ for the province of Quebec, both visa classes review a candidate’s age, experience, qualifications and language proficiency as well as their ability to adapt to living in Canada. Skilled worker visas are intended as routes to permanent immigration and – unlike a work permit – a successful candidate is not limited to a specific employer or job, although in both cases a pre-arranged job offer will gain extra points.

Those wishing to immigrate to Canada in order to start a business or to invest in the Canadian economy may do so through one of the Canadian immigration services which make up the Canadian Business Immigration Program. The Canadian Entrepreneur Program, Immigrant Investor Program and Self-Employed Immigration Program employ a points based system although the threshold is lower than for either the Federal or Quebec skilled worker visas. Entrepreneurs need to demonstrate their business experience, their ability to invest in Canada and their ability to create positions of employment. The investor visa focuses primarily on the candidate’s ability to make a large investment, whilst the self-employed visa requires a candidate to create a venture which benefits Canada’s cultural, sporting, or economic development.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Several Canadian Provinces offer Provincial Nominations Program (or PNPs) which allow a candidate to live and work in Canada based upon sponsorship from a specific state. In general, PNP applications can be processed more quickly than a Federal skilled worker visa and the requirements are not as demanding. However, applicants must have pre-arranged sponsorship from the province in question and will be obliged to show their intention to settle in that Province.

Family Immigration to Canada

Permanent immigration to Canada is permitted for the immediate family members of a sponsor who already has either Canadian permanent residency or a grant of Canadian citizenship. The spouse, common-law partner and/or dependent children of a Canadian citizen or resident may relocate to Canada in this way and will be permitted to live and work in Canada as they choose. This immigration route is also open to parents and in some circumstances other relatives. However, the sponsor must demonstrate their ability and willingness to support the applicant once in Canada for an agreed period of between 3 and 10 years.

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