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Australian Tourist Visas and Business Visit Visas

Australian ETA Visa

For short term visas for tourism and temporary business based visits, Immigration Australia employs the advanced Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa, a paperless form of Australian entry clearance which requires no physical stamp in the applicant’s passport. ETA visas are granted as multiple entry permits and offer an overall validity of 12 months within which a candidate may visit Australia for up to three months at a time.

The ETA Australian visa for business or tourism is not available to applicants from all countries and where candidates are applying from a country which is not supported by the scheme, conventional visas are available. The long stay tourist visa may be applied for by various groups of people including those temporarily relocating to Australia to engage in unpaid volunteer charity work. Business visitors may also be granted a long term visa which allows them to enter Australia for up three months lasting for the duration of their passport rather than a fixed 12 month period. However, business visit visas severely restrict an applicant’s opportunities to work in Australia and candidates wishing to engage in employment without restriction will need to secure an Australian work or business visa.

Australian Business Visas

Australia offers a range of business visas which collectively make up the Australian Business Skills Migration Programme. Applicants may obtain a four year grant of leave to remain in Australia leading to permanent residence in either the business owner visa category or through a business senior executive visa or business investor visa. In all cases, Australian business visas involve a points-based assessment with a minimum points threshold required to qualify. All business visas may be obtained as a state or territory sponsored variation if the candidate is able to secure sponsorship; this lowers the financial requirements and increases the age range for applicants. The requirements of business visas focus upon an applicant’s business experience, qualifications and investment capability and vary depending upon which category of business visas the applicant is applying for. Australian business visas are intended as a means to permanent settled status in Australia and as such, the applicant may bring his or her spouse and/or dependents to Australia.

Living and Working in Australia – Australian Work Visas

Australia welcomes skilled migrants applying to live and work in Australia in shortage occupations. The Australian skilled independent visa is a points based permanent immigration service which allows a successful applicant to seek and undertake employment upon arrival. Unlike an Australian work permit or other work visas such as the Employer Nomination Scheme, or ENS, a job offer is not mandatory, though extra points may be awarded if an offer is already in place. However, candidates must be applying to immigrate to Australia in order to work in a profession which appears on the Skilled Occupations List. The skilled sponsor visa is also available which has a slightly lower points threshold, but requires candidate to be sponsored by a relative with either Australian citizenship or permanent residency status.

Australian Work Permit – 457 Visas

The 457 visa, or Australian work permit is designed to allow Australian employers to source skilled applicants from overseas to fill particular positions within their companies. Work Permits, unlike the skilled migration visas outlined above are not expressly intended as permanent residency visas and do not allow their holder to change either their employer or the position they fulfil. However, work permit holders may switch into a long-term to permanent work visa whilst already in the country if they meet the appropriate criteria.

Studying in Australia

Australia welcomes international students and provides a range of specific study visas for different types of students. In many cases students are permitted to work limited hours in Australia and may also be eligible for healthcare. In Australia study visas are issued for the duration of the course being undertaken and like a work permit, they require the student to remain with their sponsoring institution. Candidates may not change institution for the first 12 months of their studies and where the course has a duration of 12 months or less, they will be obliged to remain with that institution for the whole course.

Australian Family Visas

Immigrating to Australia is a popular option for those with family members already in Australia and close family members or life partners may be sponsored by an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or in some cases a qualifying New Zealand citizen. Partners of people with settled status in Australia may sponsor their partner to join them through a spouse visa, De Facto visa or fiance visa, all of which lead to the opportunity to apply for permanent residency and ultimately, citizenship. Australians may also sponsor a range of other relatives through the contributory parent visa, last remaining relative visa and Australian child visa.

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